Hey Y’all! Here are the resources I use most often when creating CwD recipes. Gotta give credit where it’s due, right?


Just Hungry was one of the first food blogs I read on a regular basis. It’s what I use to get some background on a lot of dishes. The author, Makiko Ito also writes my favorite (Now extinct) bento blog, Just Bento. She published a beautiful bento cookbook a few years ago, and I still flip through it to this day. While Maki has been battling cancer, her blogs haven’t been updated for about three years now. I still browse the archives every now and again. I love to suggest them to people who are looking for an in-depth guide to making healthy bentos, as well as a beginners guide to washoku.

thank you my friends

Another source I use constantly is a tumblr blog dedicated to food gifs. I love looking at beautiful animated pictures of food, and I try to include a relevant gif in each food post. Itadakimasu-letmeeat has extensive tags and I can almost always find the exact gif I am looking for. They make their own gifs for the most part and they do a great job doing so.

cooking with dog ogo

Of course, I try to use CwD’s own website as much as possible for each recipe, but because of the great volume of recipes, not all of them are on the website. I really want to add a widget for recipes on this blog to add to whatever collection they do have, but most to the devices I used to publish this blog do not allow for me to download WordPress and add plugins. I can make HTML boxes and that’s it. That’s why I rely on the descriptions in the videos to measure stuff out each time.