Day 18 – Katsudon

Hey y’all! Today is Katsudon day, so I’ve got my pot of oil heating up on the stove, and Haiga rice started in my rice cooker. Katsu basically describes a cut of meat, may it be pork, (Which is the default choice) chicken, seafood, or pretty much anything you can coat in panko and deep fry. The pork variety I will be making today is commonly called Tonkastu. Gurunavi has a great post breaking down the types and even describing common ways of eating it in Japan.

Using the same pan to bread the pork and cook the sauce – Less dishes please!
bubble bubble toil and trouble

This is one of the few dishes I’ve made lately that has very little chopping involved. Really just stabbing the pork fat to prevent curling, and slicing the onion. Most of the work come through the standard breading procedure. I did a quick flour dusting, a dunk in some egg, and then a generous coating of panko before gently tossing it into the shallow pool of hot hot frying oil.

Wow this dish was delicious. I’ve had katsudon in restaurants before, but they are usually dry pork in even drier breading. I wasn’t really a fan until this method employed by Chef in this video. The sauce and the egg ‘garnish’ on top made it twice as savory and kept the juiciness in the pork. No sooner had I finished plating the dish did it disappear. I am not a big fan of frying, mostly because of the cleanup after, but man, it can make a dish. Even though the toppings were as simple as just a couple eggs, half an onion, and a soy/mirin/water combination sauce, it was too delicious to leave any leftovers. 10/10 would cook again!


See ya next time!



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