Day 17 – Cheese In Hamburg

Good day to you all! Today I made a sort of fusion-type cuisine from Japan – Hamburg Steak! Not to be confused with the ground beef patty in between a bun, Hamburg steak supposedly evolved separately from the hamburger I know and love. Makiko Itoh of Just Hungry writes a great article on Japan Times about the differences between hamburgers and Hamburg steak. It’s a great read as usual and is really worth glancing at.

Sauté the onions and mushies first, and allow them to cool completely.

Cheese in Hamburg really speaks to my western tongue, nothing sings to me more than hiding cheese inside things. I’ve made Hamburg steak before, but only for Loco Moco a Hawaiian dish. It’s an instant favorite of mine, combing things that I love – ground beef, caramelized onions and mushrooms. The texture of Hamburg steak is a lot lighter, fluffier and smooth than a regular beef patty. The eggs and the panko ‘beef up’ the beef, which makes a pound go a little bit farther.

eggs, panko, mushroom/onion mix on one side, squished beef on the other!
This is cheddar, not butter, I promise!

Before adding the cheese to the meats, I let the cheese hunks sit in the freezer for twenty minutes before sneaking them in. I found that method helps prevent the cheese completely melt out before I can eat it. Also, refrigerating the formed patties right before tossing them onto the preheated pan helps seal the fat in the patty. I almost always have a problem with fillings leaking as I cook something, but this time, there was not a speck of melted cheese anywhere but inside the Hamburg.

I made some mash potatoes and steamed some broccoli to serve alongside it. The Demi-glace was amazing, and didn’t clash with the truffle cheddar I used. I was able to make two large patties and four half sized patties for bentos. I can’t wait to nom on these this next coming week.

“WHERE’S THE BE—” Oh, there’s the beef.

See ya next time!



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