Day 16 – Butadon

Butadon is a summer pork donburi dish. CWD even calls it ‘summer stamina‘ which raises the question from me, why? It must be from all the cooling vegetables used in the dish? I think I’ll find out when I cook it, won’t I?


I replaced the lettuce placed on top of the rice with some sliced cucumbers. There is something so unsettling to me about putting cold lettuce on top of rice, it just doesn’t seem right. Cucumbers though? Fair game. I also forgoed the okra and replaced it with broccolini, which was on sale at my nearest market. it’s got a crisper texture than cooked broccoli and looks real cool when you saute it. I trimmed the long, thin tops and thinly sliced the ends on a sharp bias to saute separately. The last addition I made was the oyster mushrooms. I just could resist buying some at my local Japanese market, they looked so freaking good.

I had some leftover sauce from some recipe or another and added a little dash of hot sauce for fun. a lot of the sauces I make on this blog are just a combination of soy sauce, sake, mirin, and/or sugar. Those ingredients are a deliciously easy combination to utilize on the regs. The ginger and the garlic I added in seemed at first to be waay too much, but those two flavors really made all the other ingredients shine. I made this a little healthier by replacing white rice with brown, and using Braggs liquid amino instead of soy sauce like I usually do. gotta get that fiber, yo!


I enjoyed this dish mainly because of the ease of cooking, and versatility of the vegetables. Butadon is a close cousin to Katsudon, but possible healthier, with more vegetables and skipping the breading and frying process. its always fun to shake up my dishes with ingredients I’ve never used before, and the broccolini tasted great in this dish. next time it’s available at my grocery store, I will absolutely pick some up.


See ya next time!



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