Day 14 – Yogurt and Azuki Ice Pops

I don’t care if it’s not “officially” summer yet, but I am already killing it with my popsicle game. After cleaning out the disaster that was my mudroom, I have found all of the popsicle molds I have been collecting over the past few seasons. I am primed and ready to pop!

Making these recipes on this video are a walk in the park. I started with the yogurt pops, using my ring pop style molds. They are really small, so instead of using two different kinds of yogurt like Chef does in the video, I stuck to a blueberry lavender. To compliment the flavors of the yogurt, I used more blueberries and raspberries. These little popsicle molds have some interesting corners and edges, since they are ‘gem’ shaped, so getting the fruit into the mold was an interesting task. Don’t even get me started on getting the frozen yogurt out of the molds… ugh.

The azuki bean ones were much easier to deal with. I left some beans un-smashed from my Ogura Butter Sandwich day, and tossed them in a pinch of coconut sugar and poured the milk and sweetened condensed milk on top. Put some cling wrap on top and poked a wooden chopstick through the film. Bang! Done.

A fun concept, and so easy to recreate. I will be getting some great use out of my ice pop molds this summer!


See y’all next time!


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