Day 13 – Matcha Ice cream

If there one thing in this world that I am a total sucker for, it is, without a doubt, all things matcha flavored. Put the word ‘tea’ in a flavor name and I am there for it. Every opportunity to buy something tea flavored and I go for it. I have so many random things with the ‘tea’ label slapped on it, from all of my skincare, toothpaste, candies, cakes, patterns on my bags, I even have a peach black tea deodorant. Because I want even my armpits to enjoy the scent of tea!


So you can imagine my excitement at the thought of making some easy matcha ice cream. I have made Thai iced tea ice cream before, but for some reason, all the matcha powder I have has yet to make it into my Cuisinart ice cream machine. It’s been a hot minute since the ice cream machine has been used, but dusting it off made me excited to try this recipe out.


Once again, Chef and Francis make it as easy as possible to make some great food. There are two main steps to this recipe, whipping the cream and folding in the other ingredients. I remember using this method before, and if the cream is whipped too much, the ice cream just tastes like frozen Cool Whip. Which is not a flavor I particularly wish to revisit.

Folding in the milk matcha mixture, I noticed that the color was a bit light, the ice cream in the video was a deep emerald green, the exact color of the matcha. Maybe my powder was a bit old? These were samples I got from a vendor quite a while ago. That may have affected it, but not that much?I do wish I had added some more matcha to the mix. I added a whole tablespoon, thinking that’d be enough, but perhaps a second heaping tablespoon would have done the trick. No problem! I just dusted the top of the finished ice cream with more matcha powder. Ta da!

I had some leftover anko from my Ogura butter sandwich day, but I didn’t have the brown rice flakes (I just finished off my Wheaties too!) or the little mocha balls she used in the video. Ah well, Milanos and Pocky will have to do!

See ya next time!


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