Day 12 – Hoto Noodles


Hello again! Today I am making Hoto Noodles – a type of specialty ramen from the Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan, where they eat it while enjoying the view from Mt. Fuji. So romantic!  Let’s get started, shall we?


Unfortunately, I was unable to find the exact type of noodle Chef uses, so I ended up using whatever dried noodles I had in my cupboards to save some money. After some digging, I was able to find some Forbidden Rice ramen noodles from Lotus Foods. I’ve never tried them before, and I hope they aren’t too off-recipe. The thick, fresh noodles in the video look much more appetizing, but I don’t mind making do. It’ll be like making some awesome Goth soup.

Watching the video, Chef quickly whips up a dashi stock and starts cooking the vegetables in groups going from longest-cooking to the shortest. Of course, I do the same. I think I may be getting a hang of making dashi, or at least Chef’s recipe is so easy I enjoy making it from scratch each time. I wasn’t able to get fresh kabocha this time of the year, but I was lucky enough to find a bag of chopped frozen pumpkin.


I swear, this soup tasted exactly like chicken noodle. It checks all the boxes, only it doesn’t contain any animal proteins! The kabocha thickened up the soup a little, and the mushrooms and carrots combined with the miso added towards the end gave it that yummy umami savoriness. I cannot wait to slurp up some noodles! Of course, as soon as I drop in the rice ramen, it disintegrates less than a minute of being in the hot broth. Thankfully, I was too hungry to flip out about it. Kinda makes it into a noodle congee if I think too much about it.


I am certain this is a much different dish when you use the hoto noodles, and a few of the vegetables I was not able to get, and I think that fact is why I wasn’t impressed with this soup. Well, it still hit it’s target – warm me up when it’s cold outside. Which is a good reason for recipes to get created, honestly.

See ya next time!



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