Day 11 1/2 – Edamame

Hey there! Quick post today, I made this earlier in the day before the no bake cheesecake recipe. I didn’t want to disregard this video, but it is just cooking up some edamame. Sure, it’s a much more thorough than my usual method of steaming the whole bag in the microwave for 3 minutes. The only problem is that edamame in the United States don’t come on a stick.


Edamame in Japan looks much different than ones I can buy at any grocery store here in the U.S. In Japan, (or at least, in the CwD video and other Japanese cooking videos on fresh edamame I watched on YouTube) they’re much larger, fuzzier and apparently come on a vine (plants can do that?) While in America, we get smaller bean pods, usually plucked and ready to go in a sealed bag. Most of our edamame are grown in the U.S. as well, which may account for the size difference. I can’t comment on the taste of Japanese edamame, but the ones I am used to are buttery smooth and amazing with only a tiny bit of salt.


The popularity of edamame in the last couple of years has made it almost commonplace to see in any supermarket. The globalization of agriculture over the past decade or two may be the reason why I love to cook; growing up, there was no money for traveling to all these wonderful faraway lands, but there was enough international markets and new ingredients creeping into grocery stores that made those countries all the way around the world seem a little bit closer. I would simmer curry for hours and then watch Chennai Express or something and feel some escapism, if only for an afternoon.


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