Day 10 – Ogura Butter Sandwich

Aww, this looks too easy, I thought to myself before I pressed play on the video, I can make this in like 3 minutes. It’s just putting stuff on bread, right?



I should know by now that Cooking with Dog never takes shortcuts. I can just as easily buy the canned prepared red bean paste, but Chef takes the time to show in the video how to make it from dried beans. It looks like a long and tedious process… But, dog-gone it, I will learn how to make this thing from scratch!

I got all the other ingriedients ready while I played a game of boil and bubble. Boil for 5, dump, repeat. I thought the paper otoshibuta was a cute touch, even if it seems a bit excessive to me. I feel like the plate I used on top  would have been just fine though. I’m sure the paper does help with distribution and clean up. Once again, I appreciate learning the technique.

The recipe specifically states to not add the sugar until after the beans had softened. Silly me thought that would only take a few minutes, not say, 60. I suppose my beans were a little old? too dry? I’m not totally sure. but after more than 45 minutes, I had to pull them. They were mostly soft, with the odd crunchy bean. I took the time to sort those out before adding the sugar and mashing, which did help the texture quite a bit. I went by refried bean rule – 75/25 percent mashed and whole. I like to have a bit of interest and texture in my bean pastes.


Assembly took less than a minute, just slap on the bean paste on one side, spread some softened butter on the other side. Woot. Excited, I took a big ass bite and… blegh. Not my favorite combination for sure. Buttery? Sure. Flaky? Hell yeah. Nutty? Alright. Sweet? Okay. Starchy paste? Fine. Put it all together and I just can’t dig it. And yet, the anko took so long to make, I might as well eat it.


So there you have it. Boiled, mashed up beans with butter on a dinner roll. Will I ever make this again? Probably not, since I can just buy the anko prepared to save me an hour or so on bean prep. I had both canned prepared anko and dried azuki beans, just for comparison. After I had done all the things to the azuki beans, the taste was pretty much the same. Hey, at least I gave it a shot. I can’t love each recipe I make!


See ya next time!


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