Day Ten: Chicken Nanban

Today’s recipe is all about fried chicken! Chicken Nanban is a dish from the Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan. It’s basically chicken nuggets dunked in a soy-based sauce and served with some tartar-style sauce. Honestly? Count me in!

Watching the video, I didn’t know what to think when I saw the techniques for the chicken. I’m used to the standard breading procedure, which goes flour – egg- flour, but this recipe flips the steps with dipping the chicken in the egg last before frying. I felt a little skeptical about the method, but had to try it.


It actually turned out to be waaay less messy than the SBP, I was worried the egg battered on the outside would dissipate and melt right off the chicken. Surprisingly, the batter turned slightly fluffy and adhered to the bird hunks no problem.

Since this is fried marinated chicken, the sauce to dip the fried puffs of chicken is crucial to remember. I forgo’ed the whole dried chili pepper and added a tiny splash of one of the numerous fancy hot sauces my man keeps around for a spontaneous Hot Ones challenges. I was a bit nervous about letting the bites of chicken sit in the marinade for too long, lest the coating fall off. It didn’t make the chicken nugs soggy like I thought they would. They were still happily fluffy on the outside, tender and well, chicken-y, on the inside. Each soaked piece had a satisfying savoriness, despite my using no salt on either the chicken or the coating. The sauce is really what differentiates this dish from any old chicken nugget.

I almost forgot about the tartar sauce I made before turning on the chicken. Instead of smothering the chicken with it, I’m dipping it in the sauce as I write. I am not a fan of tartar sauce available at the grocery store, and I almost didn’t make this sauce because of that. But I’m glad I followed the recipe. I really liked how it turned out, albeit the hot sauce I dropped in on a whim was a bit strong. Also, I think next time I’ll add the egg yolks into the mixture before I add chopped whites. The yolk may help it ‘thicken’ and smooth up the texture a bit with ODing on mayo. I also didn’t chop the whites enough, which left odd shaped chunks. But other than those minor tweaks, I finished it off happily.

I also had a bunch of egg leftover, so for fun I also nanban’ed the cherry tomatoes to go with the chicken. heh.

See ya next time!




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