Day Nine: Diagaku imo

Today’s recipe is literally just a bunch of potatoes. Albeit a much better name than that; Diagakuimo, which literally means ‘University Potatoes.’ They’re a cheap, sweet snack sold at festivals in the fall for University students. Hey, it may be the middle of May, but these potatoes are still a delicious side dish to the turkey my roommate is roasting in his Big Green Egg grill. Not to mention an easy way to quickly cook sweet potatoes!

Most supermarkets in the US only stock the orange ‘yam’ variety of sweet potatoes, which I’m sure would work just as well as the red-skinned kind that is more readily available in Japan. But, if you’ve read this blog at all, then you’d know that I’ve got the Japanese grocery hookup, so I was able to get the Japanese variety. You know, if I didn’t have this grocery store so conveniently in my orbit, I don’t think I could replicate major parts of these recipes. I know I may have said it before, but they’re such a great resource to have.

I left the skin on the potatoes mostly for looks, but also because the skin of this type of sweet potatoes are much thinner. Cutting them into obliques wasn’t the easiest thing, but I managed to get mostly even hunks of potato. The process was so quick, just toss ingredients in a pan and steam. Then I sprinkled on the black sesame seeds and BAM! it’s done!

The texture was soft and starchy, with a slight crispness on the sugar-cted outside. It was only slightly sweet, nothing too crazy. The soy sauce balanced out the sweetness with savory and saltiness. I can understand why it’s such a popular snack item at autumn festivals.


My parents and brother and his wife have been in town since Friday, so I’ve been so busy from sun up to sundown, showing them the town.  I took a short break from my culinary adventures. I knew when I started that May would be a really difficult month to accomplish anything. True to form, this May is shaping up to be a jam packed month already. My birthday was the beginning of this month, and I actually quit the job I hated and as of right now, have just left there for good. Add my family being in town, interviews, and my boyfriend’s birthday at the end of the month, as well as our 5th anniversary in the middle of the month, there is simply no enough hours in the day to be staying on top of anything. I am hoping my recent employment change will help me to be on track, or at least free me up to cook as much as I can for fun. I am looking for something part time so i can focus on my health and this blog, as well as tie up any loose adulting strings that I have simply ignored for the past four or so years. I tend to be a workaholic, and have worked 50 hour weeks for the past couple years. I like money and all, but all work and no play makes Maddi a stressed girl. heh.

See you next time!


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