Day Eight: Easy Baked Salmon

Hello again! Today I made Chef’s recipe for Easy Baked Salmon. Which was, according to the recipe, actually really deliciously easy. She cooks hers in a toaster oven, but the slab of salmon I had was much too large to fit into mine, so I just used my oven at 375 degrees.


There really isn’t too many steps in this one. Just cutting veggies and cooking it with the fish. I love the adaptability of the recipe. You could actually swap out any of the veggies for a different kind, or even the salmon for another type of fish, (Like the ones Francis suggests in the video) or even thin cuts of poultry or whatever else you like. The way they use the foil is very similar to the French classical technique, en papiote, which is pretty much steaming the food encased in parchment paper (or in this case, foil) in the oven. This is a great ‘one-pot’ meal idea that doesn’t take up much time, nor does it heat up the house too much. I can definitely see some summer squash and zucchini in my future!


Whilst cooking, I was FaceTiming with my sister who lives in Seattle, so my apologies for the lack of descriptive pictures. I also forgot to take a photo of the plated fish because I was laughing too hard at the funny face effects that Facebook messenger has while the boys were plating the salmon for me. It felt good to connect with her, it’s been awhile since we just hung out and talked. Connecting with family is really helping me through my humdrum blues. I have been struggling with motivation and just basic upkeep of life for the last week or so. I know depression doesn’t just go away when I want it to, and I’ve been trying so desperately to keep my head above water that it’s hard to have energy for things like cooking for the blog or cleaning. I know I’m doing this for myself, and I just gotta be persistent and consistent. See? Everything sounds better when it rhymes.


There was so little prep in this recipe, it’s hard to show the steps. I pulled out the pin bones with clean tweezers, salted the fish with some black cypress salt I got as a gift and never freaking use, tossed with sake instead of the white wine they use in the video, and tossed it on top of a bed of mushrooms and onions, and covered the top with some more. After 20 minutes of baking, I opened up the fishy coffin and added butter and the homemade spicy ponzu sauce. SO easy, right?


For the ponzu, I didn’t have any yuzu or any other citrus for that matter. I did however have a spicy yuzu paste that mixed well with my liquid amino soy sauce substitute. After putting on top of the salmon, I wished I had made more, it went really well with the fish and the mushrooms. My boyfriend and his brother gobbled it all up before the oven got cold, so that must be a good indicator of a great dish, ain’t it?

10/10 would fish again!

See you on Day 9!


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