Day Seven: Chahan or, Chinese fried rice

I have so many leftover odds and ends of things overflowing in my fridge, lil’ bits of ingredients here and there from the last few recipes. I have been trying to only buy what I need for each recipe, and yet there are things that I can’t get in tiny amounts. You just can’t get a tablespoon of potato starch, okay?  Luckily, Chef’s style of cooking utilizes similar ingredients throughout, so I have few leftovers. But! What I do have in my fridge is some carrots and edamame, so I’ve added those as well as some tofu and leftover onigiri filler from the Great Rice Debacle of 2017.


I gathered and chopped the ingredients while the rice cooked. The only ingredient I was not expecting to find was the char siu. Surprisingly, the Japanese grocer that I always go to had some Hawaiian brand. Man, that place has everything! Granted, it was in the freezer section, and it does have artificial dye to make it lacquered red. The hunk of char siu chef uses in the video is so much better looking than mine. The brand I use is a bit sweet for me, but the flavor is so good, and it enhances and balances out everything else.


I when I got home in the evening, I found that I totally forgot to make rice the morning of or the night after, and I panicked. I didn’t want to be waiting for the rice too cook until late at night! My fear lasted only for a second, because I remember all the rice I had from another recent dinner with meatballs the BF brought home, as well as disintegrated onigiri the previous night. Phew. So I combined and threw them all in a bowl and in the microwave to heat up before I added them, so as not to flash cool the pan. I have heard the opposite in the comments to this video, which doesn’t make any sense to me. If anyone wants to offer any insight, please do.


When it came time to add the rice and the egg, I was intrigued by the method. I am used to scrambling the egg separately and then adding it in, which, by the way, I have never understood why. The egg would get crunchy or tough, and if that is not a disservice to an egg, I don’t know what is. I followed the techniques in the recipe as closely as I could and I found it to be such a no brainer, I wondered how I ever did it any other way. Chef’s method of scrambling the egg right in the pan when adding the rice makes so much more sense texture-wise and you know what? I love it. It improves the texture of everything around it. Man, this stuff is good. I will definitely be making this whenever I have leftovers in my fridge!


See you on day 8!


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