Day Six: Onigiri

I didn’t even want to post this one. I am so ashamed of how pathetic my rice balls came out, that I don’t even want to show you how bad they are. I mean, I took something as easy as squishing some rice into some sort of triangle shape into a 1,000 grain disaster. My kitchen still has rice everywhere.

So, you’re probably wondering what went wrong. Even if you are not, I’ll tell ya.

Literally everything.

I had all the ingredients all set aside and ready to go. I had set a timer for my rice cooker to finish cooking as soon as I got home that day, I had the tuna mayonnaise, some smoked chicken my roommate made the other night in place of the beef, umeboshi, and miso. I didn’t go all out and get the 7 different kinds made in the video because I am not made of money??? I did everything the way I saw it done in the video, I hand-fanned the rice to cool it down, and yet…

Every. piece. fell. apart. I mean, seriously. What had I done wrong? Even the ones that looked great and stayed together disintegrated as soon as i put them on my griddle to sear. Was my rice too old? I do remember mixing my rices when I cleaned out my cupboards last. Sigh.

I really want to get a hang of these, there is nothing more amazing in this world than a big ball of rice. and one grilled with soy sauce? Yes Please. At the end of this challenge, I may want to revisit this, as well as the donuts recipe, who knows, maybe it’ll be sooner. Either way, I am not done with you, yummy balls of rice!


Go on, tell me!

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