Day Five: Simple Donuts

This was the second recipe I had made Sunday, and I ran out of time finishing this one.


I am a notoriously bad baker. I have tried my luck at just about any kind of baked good you can think of, and every. Single. Time. There is something that is not as it should be. They say that baking is a science, but I think I should have retaken chemistry. Hilariously predictable of me, many things went wrong. Murphy’s law is in full effect with this recipe.


I added the flour and baking powder together to sift. I forgot to double check the amounts before I started throwing things in a bowl, I was so excited that I had finally found my baking scale to measure out the 100g of flour. It was well after the dough was mixed did I even think of checking the video one more time. While listening for oil temperatures, I gasped. I used one tablespoon of baking powder, instead of one teaspoon. Huh. Well, I suppose I am going to find out what will happen when I get there, won’t I? *eye twitches*


As I was mixing the dough, I noticed immediately that it was too dry. I had forgotten the butter! I added​it quickly before the dough could get over-mixed. Geez, this really ain’t going to well…


With my wonky dough in hand, I dropped a miniscule glob into the preheated oil. It browned far too quickly. I don’t have a thermometer, so I went with my handy dandy eyeballs to guide me. I turned off the burner and waited 5 minutes to start frying. Then each little lopsided dough ball fried up golden brown within a minute. “Man,” I thought to myself, “If had only gotten my measurements right, this would be so amazing. It’s so easy too!”


Matcha doughnut disaster

The dough seemed a bit too tacky and light when I fried them up. Methinks it was the combination of too much baking powder and the late addition of the butter was the nail in my donut coffin. I liked the way it tasted, but the texture was all wrong, not to mention they were salty af. I’d really like to try these again sometime.



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