Day Four: Kitsune Udon

After working hard all day in my garden, all I want to do is slurp up a big bowl of noodles, regardless of the weather. Today is a good day for soup, which brings me today’s recipe; Kitsune Udon! It’s basically udon noodles with fried tofu skins – aburaage. I’ll be making dash stock from scratch and re-using the bean bags I made from inarizushi day. It’s a very simple dish, yet very satisfying.

I skipped out on making this on Saturday night because I had old friends in town and I wanted to show them the cool part of town (if there is one here, heh.) So I doubled down on the recipes today to make up for it. Next up, donuts! 🍩🍩🍩

I had never  made dashi stock before, and I’m not sure I even did it right. I think I should have boiled the iriko sardines just a little bit longer to draw out their flavor, or let the bonito flakes steep in the sardine and seaweed juice for a couple minutes more. And yet, it was still a damn good broth, even if it desperately needed salt. The soup looked much cuter when I added the aburaage and sliced fish cake. Simple, yet effective in it’s yumminess!

After slurping up all the noodles, I noticed as I put the leftovers away that I had forgotten the seared tofu I had saved from sukiyaki day. Gah! Looks like I’ll be eating tofu and rice tomorrow morning.

See you on Day 5!


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