Day One: Sukiyaki Beef

It’s finally here! For my first day cooking for My Year with Francis, I decided to go with the very first video from Cooking with Dog’s channel, Sukiyaki beef. Watching the old videos reminds me of how far the show has come. It’s so interesting to see what changed and how the channel has improved. It’s odd to not hear the pleasant classical music, or chef introducing the video.

As for gathering the ingredients, I admit, I may be spoiled a little bit. I have an awesome Japanese grocery within walking distance of my work, so I was able to find all the ingredients with ease, and I even found beef sliced specifically for sukiyaki. When in doubt, Amazon Prime is my friend, as long as I order well ahead. The only ingredient I could not get was ito konnyaku. I was able to get shirataki bean thread, so I substitued that instead.

The recipe isn’t very detailed, or clear, but luckily in it’s video form it’s easy to see how it should be prepared. Some of the instructions make sense if  you are familiar with the ingredients,, but for a silly Westerner like me has no idea how to prepare shiratake, so I did a bit of googling there. I was not able to cut my shiitake mushrooms like in the video, as I had dried them out a little bit to get rid of the smell of the mushrooms that I don’t really care for. I also did not dip my sukiyaki in egg, I just couldn’t do it. I love my eggs runny AF, but raw egg whites make me gag. So I just omitted the egg altogether.

I was surprised to find out how easy this recipe really was. the most time consuming part was just chopping up the ingredients. The sukiyaki sauce smelled amazing, before and after boiling for a hot minute. I wasn’t able to make it as pretty as it was in the video, but it sure did taste amazing. See y’all on day two!


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