The 5 Commandments to Cooking with Dog

Putting the finishing touches on the blog today, and gathering all of the ingredients. Hoo boy, I’m getting more and more excited as the days draw closer. To keep this momentum going, I have written myself a set of rules to follow as I go along on my culinary journey. I am someone who needs a  little bit more structure or else my  concentration falls apart faster than a McDonald’s toy.

  1. Thou shalt keep a clean space for cooking and writing at all times.
  2. Thou shalt hold sacred the spaces for cooking, writing, and eating.
  3. Thou shalt post recipes to the blog no later than 24hrs after creating a dish.
  4. Thou shalt make excessive lists – there is no such thing as being too prepared.
  5. Thou shalt encourage others to encourage you.

1 and 2 are pretty much no-brainers, although keeping spaces clean and reserving them for the obvious tasks don’t really need saying, it’s still important to the challenge ahead.  It is easy to just let life settle wherever we throw it, but the extra second it takes to put in the appropriate place is paramount. Everything in it’s place, just like getting your mise en place in the kitchen.

3 is definitely easier said than done for me. I often let little things in life get in the way of deadlines, and I am for sure going to keep my scattered brain in check for this. I’m not too proud to schedule exact times to write and prep and cook, and publish. Which brings me to number 4 – I often say that if I don’t write it down, I won’t remember it. I am someone who thrives with hundreds of lists; even as a kid, I would make lists of all the bugs I knew, the top 5 songs stuck in my head that week….

5 may be the trickiest. I have never been comfortable with talking about myself or what’s actually going on in my life. It never seems important enough, or I always assume that nobody cares. While I know I wont be able to shake that habit, social media makes it easy to spam the hell out of everybody. And, if you are reading this, THANK YOU. Seriously, words cannot express how much I appreciate your support. It’s going to be much more fun when I actually start cooking, I promise.

See you on day 1!





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