Stage 2: Menu Planning complete!

Finally! Digging through the many videos and sorting them out onto paper, the planning stages of my year with Chef and Francis is complete. At first glance, I wasn’t sure whether or not to go video by video, or use the numerous playlists generously created on the channel. If there was one re-occurring theme of CwD, I may pinpoint it as organization. There are 43 playlists on the channel, and without them, I would have been so lost. The only issue is that there would repeats on each playlist, as well as the odd video that was not categorized. To keep it simple and to keep my sanity, I went with the playlists. It made my color-coding process infinitely easier. Did I miss a video or three? Probably. Did I write down any repeats? Almost definitely. But, hey, I’ll fix it when I get there.
Then I decided on 5 days a week of recipes, one day of a non-cooking video, and one rest day. My fear was that I would become burnt out too quickly, cooking everyday. I have a very short attention span, and my motivation for anything other than sleep has been essentially zip. I want this challenge to be fun, and not another source of regret and stress. A lot of the recipes are very simple, and recreate one aspect of a dish at a time. I did not combine recipes, as I would rather spotlight and take close care to each one. I have no reason to rush myself, only the goal of finishing.

Because of the seasonal nature of CwD’s recipes, I decided to map it out onto a calendar format, so as to better place summer recipes in July, and Christmas recipes in December and not say, March. I didn’t want to go through each video chronologically, considering there are almost 10 years of recipes that cycle through each passing season. I assigned colors to each category of recipes because colors are FunTM Not only that but it helps me sort them out just by glancing at them.

Cooking with dog? More like… menu planning with dog… hair! Hah Amirite??
  • Purple for all the dessert and specialty recipes, which will mainly be on Sundays.
  • Red for all Meat and Seafood recipes, which usually appear on Saturdays and Tuesdays.
  • Green for all Vegetable heavy dishes, and grain heavy dishes. These will typically show up on Mondays and Fridays.
  • Blue for Non-food Videos. The majority of Thursdays will have one, until the videos run out, or something else is planned.
  • Orange for the days I take off, which will allow me to make next week’s shopping list, etc. This will almost always be on a Wednesday.

There you have it! Stage I and II. Stage III? The 5 commandments of cooking through Cooking with Dog. We’re almost there!



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